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May I take the course of Acupressure Massage without any experience before? How to start?


Yes. Oriental Acupressure Massage School offers different levels of courses for the students. If you have no experience before, you are advised to take the Introduction to Acupressure Massage or Intensive Acupressure Massage Course. Both are designed for the beginners.


I am interested in the Acupressure Massage and I have studied the Swedish Massage for 400 hours. Which course do you recommend me to start with?


You are advised to start with the Intensive Acupressure Massage Course. If you have the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can also take the Fundamental Acupressure Massage Course after passing an assessment test.


If I miss several classes or fail in the final exam, may I take the course again?


You can apply for re-taking the course upon the approval of the school. It is free but depends on the seat availability.


Will I have the opportunity to practice after I finish the program in Oriental Acupressure Massage School? Is it paid?


Top students will get the recommendation from the school to practice in different SPAs and health centers. The work is paid as the industry standard.


After graduation, may I issue the insurance receipts to my client? How can I become a licensed massage therapist?


Only the massage therapist registered in a professional association can issue the receipt. The student who has successfully finished the program will attain the full accreditation to apply for the membership of the professional massage therapy association. A workshop will give the students an instruction to the application procedure


  • "Your advanced course opened a new door to me...it feels so great to give a treatment, which has been wonderful for both me and my client" -Daniel S. Lee, Ottawa

  • "Thank you for teaching this amazing techniques and the compassion you show in the class. I am looking forward to learning the advanced level of acupressure techniques you teach and it will allow greater growth of my ability to meet what my clients need from me" - Louisa More, Gatineau

  • “Just want to thank you for a wonderful education. The techniques that you taught me are the best in the business. I know I have a lot farther to go in massage but you gave me a fantastic start!” - Elaine Holly, Montreal

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